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Jiaogulan - China's 'Immortality Herb'   


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Nature's Powerful Adaptogenic and Antioxidant Herb

Jiaogulan Maintains cholesterol, triglycerides
and blood pressure at normal levels

Jiaogulan Bolsters the immune function

Jiaogulan Counteracts the effects of stress

Jiaogulan Increases energy levels

“Our passion is the multi-talented herb jiaogulan!”

We are passionately dedicated to researching, developing, 
and marketing jiaogulan (jow-goo-lan), Gynostemma pentaphyllum, 
and jiaogulan-based herbal products of the highest quality 
for the benefit of people all over the world
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Cancer Survivor Grows Jiaogulan
Cancer survivor Leticia Smithapindu shows how jiaogulan grows profusely on her property in Thailand. Our Premium Organic Tea comes from the company that she developed. "I regained my strength following chemo- and radiation treatment by drinking jiaogulan tea. That's why I started my tea company." (more)

New Jiaogulan Herbal Pills

Easier to Take, Stronger Potency, and Great Value!

Using a recently developed technology we’re able to offer you the jiaogulan herbal pills at triple the potency. Each pill is the same size but now contains approximately 60mgs of gypenosides (the active ingredient in jiaogulan) instead of only 20mgs.

Each bottle gives you a month’s supply—90 herbal pills.
You get 35% more gypenosides for only
£11.95/bottle  (order)

New Premium Organic Jiaogulan Tea Bags
This is our best-tasting jiaogulan tea-mildly sweet and grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers in the mountains of Thailand. The tea bags are packaged in heavy-gauge lined foil, for protection from moisture as well as air. This keeps the leaves from absorbing moisture and the oils from going rancid.

20 tea bags make 20-40 cups £5.95/pkt (order)

None of these products are licensed as medicines in the UK and they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are sold as food supplements only.

100% Bullet- Proof Safety and Satisfaction Guarantee

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